Whitney Houston

by Hidden Pictures

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released November 1, 2010


All songs by Richard Gintowt
Recorded by Richard Gintowt and Pat Tomek
Mixed by Mike Giffin
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun @ Focus Mastering, Omaha
Paul Malinowski tracked drums and bass for "Whitney Houston" and "Pretty Good Thing"
Ed Rose tracked drums on "Earl Grey"
Jerett Fulton tracked guitars on "Earl Grey"



all rights reserved


Hidden Pictures Oakland, California

Let's be friends and play shows and stuff.

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Track Name: Whitney Houston
Black ice, bumps and bruises, and swollen ankles
But we're alright
Those guys know how to party
And Whitney Houston was up all night
All night, all night, all night

Fake blood and real Coca Cola
The cameras are rolling
So get a life
Three cheers
You slept all day and our finest excuses were junior high
Alright, alright, alright

If you wanna put the days to bed
Honey I can understand that
You can go and rest your head
Sleeping without consequence

Face front
Hands to yourself or I'll turn this car around and head back home
Long rides with no destination
Just watching the scenery passing by
Alright, alright, alright

I'll keep quiet
As long as there's nothing to say
Track Name: Pretty Good Thing
Hazy days, sweeter dreams, cursed baseball teams
Ex-girlfriends at dead ends wanna make out again

Consider my faith renewed
I'm thawing out my frozen foods
So I can make room for you
I'm sending my baggage south
I'm kicking the cobwebs out
So I can make room for you
I could make room for you

Photos from photobooths never speak the truth
I confess I was smitten
She had my sweet tooth

But I learned all your chords
And I know what you're looking for
And I could be true to you
Whether you're close or far
I wanna be where you are
'Cuz I could be true to you
I could be true to you

Don't go and tell me you want me
Just to go and settle the score
I've been getting used to being lonely
It's not that hard anymore

We could declare a truce
Just like the Warriors do
And I could make peace with you
The word's out on the street
That we got a pretty good thing
We got a pretty good thing
Track Name: In Defense of Earl Grey
You are good enough
And you are strong enough
I can say for certain
That you are worth fighting for
And I am your bodyguard

You are never wrong
You're my sweetest song

I could keep on searching
Or I could just call it off
Admit that you're good enough for me

And we could begin to believe
Something that comes easily
Make up your mind to be true
Baby it's you

You are my best friend
You I will defend
We could really be good
If I can believe in it
And you can just be in it
With me

Oh it's complicated but it's easy
I just wanna be where you are
No sense working overtime
Every night I'm feeling fine
We could build a home for you and yours

We could begin to believe
Something that comes easily
Make up your mind to be true
Baby it's you