Sister Wife

by Hidden Pictures

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All songs written by Richard Gintowt. Mixed by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios, KCMO. Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, Omaha. Drums and bass recorded by Paul Malinowski at Massive Sounds, KCMO. Artwork by Patrick Giroux (


released June 4, 2013

Richard Gintowt - vocals, guitars
Jeff Freling - better guitars
Claire Adams - vocals
Nate Holt - keys
Kyle Akers - bass
Lennon Bone - drums



all rights reserved


Hidden Pictures Oakland, California

Let's be friends and play shows and stuff.

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Track Name: Sister Wife
Sister, I know you just wanna go out for a decent meal
Sister, I know you just wanna come home to something real

Sister wife, I know that we look alike
Sister wife, I want you for the rest of my life

Girl you know it's true
You got a lover who looks like you

Sister, it ain't no secret that you're cursed in the game of love
Stop, take a minute to assess who you're dreaming of

Girl you know it's true
You got a lover who thinks like you
You do

You won't ever feel disowned
And you won't even have to get stoned
We can buy a family pass to the swimming pool
People may stop and stare
But sister I just don't care
I'm a gonna follow you to the changing room
Track Name: Girls Lie
I didn't want to write this song
I'd much rather be cooking you dinner
But you had to cancel our date
Because your hedgehog got a splinter

So why, why do girls lie
Why oh why oh why

You said an ambulance was dispatched
But your arm's not in a cast
Maybe you're just a quick healer
You must have a good drug dealer

So why, why do girls lie
Why oh why oh why

So if assuming makes an ass of you and me
Then I'll go ahead and take down our future Christmas trees

Cuz my heart shrinks
To half its size
When I have to stomach your lies
And your nose grows
And your Dad knows
Every nervous tick in your eye
And that's why you can't lie to me
Track Name: Pre Madonna
I can't remember when you got my jokes
I can't remember when you held me close
Seems like we've been hanging by a thread
I wanna hang with someone else instead

I know you'll hate it when you hear this song
And there's no parts for you to sing along to
It's gonna be awhile before I like you
It doesn't mean that I won't always love you

Because I used to write songs to impress you
Now I just write 'em to make me feel less like shit

Pre Madonna, sadly
There was just Louise Ciccone
Spinning cartwheels in the hallway
So boys could see her underwear
As if they really had a prayer

It doesn't matter how it was back then
Doesn't matter if we have the same friends
Doesn't matter if they side with me
They'll come back to you eventually

It doesn't matter if we're totally fucked
It doesn't matter if we get fucked up
Maybe we should pay our last respects
Maybe we should skip the make-up sex